What We Do

We believe you should be paying for work — tangible, observable and measurable – without layers of complexity. We work as if you’d hired someone in-house to do it and designed a process around common sense, that simplifies our relationship.

We create content and scale it for our clients across industries. The result is high-performing websites, delightful user experiences, compelling social campaigns, and high converting demand generation programs.

Content Production

We mentioned we make TikToks, right? Those are the simple pieces. We produce so much more than that. However you’re looking to fill your content needs— from short form video to testimonials to dipping your toe into the podcast pool— we’ll hand you assets that are ready-to-post.

User Experience

When consumers interact with your organization, it should be easy, functional, and fun. Our UX designers will review and test your designated digital touchpoints and provide recommendations on how your company can improve. 

Paid Social Media

Let us make sense of your paid social media. We’ll help you select the right channels for your business, set up your campaigns, and optimize to get the most out of your budget. From awareness to conversion, Foxtrot can get the right people to engage with your brand.

Paid Search & SEO

You need to show up in search results. That’s really it, at the end of the day. But whether you have some dollars to boost your visibility or need some help plugging in keywords (no stuffing though), we’ll get you up and running in Google and Bing searches. 

Performance & Analytics

The world of pixel tracking, UTM strings and A/B testing can be overwhelming to say the least. Let us streamline the process so you can make decisions quickly and efficiently based on real data.

Email Marketing

Email marketing sounds fun, until you need to fold CRM with content messaging and targeted audience communications. We’ll put the easy in email with CRM improvements, content messaging for your many audiences, and wrap everything with a nice bow so you can implement (or we can, if you prefer).