Foxtrot Digital Studio is a nimble, production-focused division of BVK, built upon the insights gathered over 30+ years of brand strategy and storytelling experiences.

As storytelling experts and production veterans working with a wide range of clients, Foxtrot was formed to fill a noticeable absence in the marketplace. Brands need a partner who can offer an efficient system for producing higher volumes of quality, platform-specific content, not just rehashed cutting room floor leftovers. And they need it to consistently support their brand’s purpose and achieve organizational goals. In this gap we noticed a significant opportunity to help more brands tell their stories in ways that an internal staff or agency-of-record model often cannot do with the same experience and efficiencies as we can.

Our skills extend beyond basic capture and production, uncovering and distilling the reasons you need content in the first place. Without the insights of strategy and purpose, content will fail to achieve its goals. These insights inform our approach to production planning, from beginning to end. We leverage our team’s skills and experience to squeeze the maximum ROI out of any budget.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our content production work and expertise with you.