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Human Resources is Marketing: Content Strategy for Recruitment and Retention

As a human resources leader, you’re faced with growing requirements for tools and content to support your employee recruitment, training and ongoing communication needs. And in our experience, HR teams aren’t always equipped to execute on the content creation that your recruitment, training, employee engagement and retention efforts deserve and require. So unless your marketing […]

Social content strategy advice: try not to suck

“Try not to suck.”  Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon thusly advised a new team recruit back in 2015, before they went on to win the 2016 World Series. And we, too, take his no-nonsense advice to heart when it comes to social media content strategy. And then we take it a bit further. In an always-on […]

The case for investing in owned media. Right now.

Let’s go back to the basics for a moment. As marketers seeking to reach our audiences, we have three categories of media channels available to us: Paid, Earned and Owned. A healthy and sophisticated marketing and communications program will incorporate aspects of all three of these categories into its strategic mix. But how do you […]

Work differently.

When it comes to keeping up with the volume and quality of story-rich content that your brand needs for its many audience channels – nimble and flexible is the name of the game. Foxtrot Digital Studio has been built with the rapid-fire, real-time new media challenge in mind. We cut out the bells and whistles. […]

The psychology of content.

What drives people to seek out, consume and share information? That’s a complicated mess of human psychology, really. And in this high volume, rapid-fire content-sharing economy, consumers have ever-expanding choices for how they consume information and what they do about it afterward. Success in content strategy requires a deep understanding of the audience’s desired journey and […]

You’re doing it wrong.

We get it. You love the strategic brand work you are getting out of your Agency of Record. The creative director is très cool and they do great stuff. Of course they do. And because they’re so strategic and are making such a great impact on your business, you ask them to translate that brilliance […]

Advertising is dead.

We marketing industry folks love to say things like that. Mostly because starting a conversation with a contrarian viewpoint can often lead to some interesting and unexpected dialogue and ideas. And that’s exactly where we started when we conceived of Foxtrot Digital Studio. Is Advertising dying? No. Probably not. Of course the traditional approach to creative content production has served […]