You’re doing it wrong.

We get it. You love the strategic brand work you are getting out of your Agency of Record. The creative director is très cool and they do great stuff. Of course they do. And because they’re so strategic and are making such a great impact on your business, you ask them to translate that brilliance outward into an annual program for 52 short-form Facebook videos, clever twice-weekly Instagram imagery, custom weekly customer newsletters and a monthly printed publication, among other things that you struggle to create on a regular basis. And you need all of it yesterday. They smile, they take a week to think about it, and they send you a proposal for ELEVENTY MILLION DOLLARS.

Unless you print your own money.

And because you are a mid-sized company with limited budgets and you don’t actually print your own money, your options are: A) invest in a team of in-house talent and resources to make it all and manage it all yourself (because you have so much time on your hands and can afford to hire all the right people with the right skills); or B) shop around for a scrappy production person or a fly-by-night crew with a few cameras and a fancy iPhone lens. Since you don’t have eleventy million dollars, you choose B and hire them to make all your “other content” for you. It feels like a reasonable compromise: the price is right, the volume meets your needs and things seem on track. *Until you realize that what is being produced does nothing to support your award-winning strategic branding efforts. In fact it’s doing the opposite. It’s off-strategy and off-brand.

Content for content’s sake is the wrong solution.

Stop making content for the sake of filling a channel that you have no intention of nurturing. Stop pushing out videos that aren’t all that interesting to watch. And stop killing yourself and your team trying to pump out volumes of material that isn’t hitting the mark when it comes to engagement, response and conversion. It’s time to shift your efforts away from quantity to focus on quality.

Do you find yourself saying “because” more often than “why?” when it comes to content development?

Foxtrot was designed specifically by agency veterans to solve this problem through strategic insights and operational efficiencies. It starts with a deep knowledge of brand strategy and content planning. We translate that strategy into a streamlined process that results in high-volume, high-efficiency, high-impact production outputs. And we help our clients make the right content for the right audiences and the right reasons. Without the unnecessary bells and whistles that drive up costs and extend timelines.

Are you doing it wrong? Give us a call. We may be the right content partner for your brand.