Advertising is dead.

Skull with a Parrot

We marketing industry folks love to say things like that. Mostly because starting a conversation with a contrarian viewpoint can often lead to some interesting and unexpected dialogue and ideas. And that’s exactly where we started when we conceived of Foxtrot Digital Studio.

Is Advertising dying? No. Probably not. Of course the traditional approach to creative content production has served the marketing and advertising world for decades. And the model continues to, in many cases, deliver beautiful, clever and high-quality content for our audiences *within the media for which it was designed: traditional media outlets. Television, radio, out-of-home and print media continue to serve as key formats to build brand awareness and drive campaign investments in many industry verticals. However, what the traditional approach to content production has failed to do is make itself scalable to the ways digital audiences want to consume information.

Because everything has changed.

The online world moves quickly and attention spans are shrinking. Consumers now expect new, fresh, interesting and engaging content 24/7. The market demands a new and more efficient model to supply a seemingly insatiable audience. According to the recent 2017 Video in Business Benchmark Report by Vidyard, which surveyed 500 businesses and over 600 million video streams within the last 12 months:

Businesses are publishing an average of 18 new videos every month.

The traditional way of “doing content” isn’t geared to produce what works best in the new media world. And yet we keep expecting the old model to miraculously produce different results in these new circumstances. Brands have a clear and defined need for higher volumes of content in a fraction of the time, for the same budgets – or less. And many creative agencies consistently fail to deliver a solution to that need, within reachable budgets or timelines.

Companies are struggling to keep up with the demand for engaging information, and video’s ability to engage outpaces that of the written word alone. According to a recent Animoto survey,

4X as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. 

So is it ego and control or is it comfort in the existing creative process that is holding back progress? It doesn’t matter. The rest of the world is charging ahead, leaving the content dinosaurs behind. Something must change in order to get different results.

Content creation must evolve.

Our approach is optimized for the new volume, time, cost, quality and platform expectations. Foxtrot Digital Studio was built as a production studio that integrates intended audience and platform use into the strategic planning process at the outset. Not as an afterthought. The result? A variety of content formats can strategically coexist, simultaneously serving the brand across platforms and consumption patterns.

We are Foxtrot. Let us show you how we can help solve your brand’s content challenges.